About Us

Meet Our Team

We’re a dedicated team of individuals with lived experience of endo.

Some of us have direct experience with the chronic illness, while others support and care for people living with endo. We see the very real physical and emotional impacts of the disease every day. We live it and we get it. As a team, we leverage our experience with endo to help spread the word, support those affected by endo, and create positive change.

We are a remote organization fuelled by the dedication of our volunteers, consultants and staff. Together, we strive to make a positive impact and honour those who have paved the way for us, including Philippa Bridge-Cook, one of the founding members of The Endometriosis Network Canada. Her unwavering leadership and commitment to the endometriosis community over the last decade have made a profound impact, and we are incredibly grateful for all that she has accomplished to raise awareness of endometriosis. 

Although her tenure as Board Chair has ended, we’re thrilled to share that Philippa will continue to volunteer for The Endometriosis Network Canada in an advisory capacity and contribute to special projects and patient education. Laura Diebolt has stepped into the role of Acting Chair in the interim.

Our dedicated Board of Directors

Laura E. Diebolt

Interim Chair

Laura E. Diebolt (she/her) is the interim Chair of the Board of Directors. While Laura was diagnosed with endometriosis fairly quickly once she spoke to her doctor about her recently worsened symptoms, she realized that the painful periods she experienced for fourteen years prior were not normal. The lack of public knowledge of endometriosis and support at diagnosis drive Laura to advocate for better for the current and future members of the endometriosis community. Laura has connected with thousands of people living with endometriosis across Canada through her work with The Endometriosis Network Canada, first as an administrator of our online support group, and since 2017, as a member of the Board of Directors. Laura lives in a multi-generational home and enjoys hiking with her dog, camping, reading, watching movies, and knitting.

Alexis Nikolich

Board Member

Alexis Nikolich (she/her) is a member of the Board of Directors, and coordinates The Endo Network’s Run To End Endo™. Having experienced mostly-dismissed symptoms since age 11, Alexis believes there needs to be more awareness of endometriosis in the general public to facilitate earlier diagnosis, research into better diagnosis and treatment options, and ultimately improve the quality of life for people with endometriosis. Alexis first organized The Endo Network’s Run To End Endo™ in Toronto in 2019, and led its expansion to a virtual Canada-wide and global event in 2020. In 2022 Alexis successfully expanded to Charlottetown. Then in 2023 Ottawa and Regina were secured and now she is incredibly proud to announce Winnipeg and St. John’s as additional cities to host in-person events.

Denise Campbell

Board Member

Denise Campbell (she/her) is a member of the Board of Directors, and leads our Endo Ambassador program. The first time Denise experienced abdominal pain was at the age of 14; however, her endometriosis was only diagnosed 21 years later after an X-Ray showed a collapsed lung, fluid in the lung, a large mass in the lung and a large mass in her belly button. Since then, Denise has been grieving, recovering, surviving and thriving with endometriosis. Denise wants to encourage the Black community to access health care before their health gets to crisis levels. Increasing awareness about endometriosis is her mission and she believes that highlighting the need for early recognition of endometriosis symptoms and breaking the ‘silence’ around endometriosis is a priority.

Shay Freger

Board Member

Shay Freger (he/him) is a member of the Board of Directors, and contributes to our education initiatives and blog. Shay is a researcher and graduate student at McMaster University, where he investigates novel diagnostics and treatments for endometriosis. Shay believes that by deepening our understanding of endometriosis we can change the course of this disease. Beyond his work, you’ll often find Shay with his two dogs, “attempting” to play trumpet, or amidst rare and exotic plants, either in the McMaster Biology Greenhouse, exploring local plant stores, or in his living room.

Emily Rowan

Board Member

Emily Rowan (she/her) is a member of the Board of Directors, and contributes her experiences as a federal lobbyist to our policy advocacy initiatives. Emily first experienced endometriosis pain in high school and has worked diligently to share her own personal experience with chronic pain. Emily understands that endometriosis can be an isolating experience and works to create a sense of community and belonging for those who have suspected endometriosis and who have been formally diagnosed. Emily wants to ensure that those with endometriosis have their voices heard in the development of public policies that impact endometriosis research, education, and resource development. In her downtime, Emily enjoys hiking with her chocolate lab, cycling in her local spin studio, or playing piano.

Mahsa Gholiof

Board Member

Mahsa Gholiof (she/her) is a member of the Board of Directors and contributes to content creation for The Endometriosis Network Canada as well. Mahsa’s research focuses on endometriosis and reproductive health and believes that there needs to be more awareness and research aimed at reducing diagnostic delays and improving the management of endometriosis symptoms. She envisions that endometriosis advocacy will play a vital role in bridging the gap between research, policy, and practice in the future. In addition to her involvement in endo research and advocacy, Mahsa enjoys running and working out.

Interests and affiliations

The Endometriosis Network Canada believes that it is important for individuals who serve in a decision-making capacity for the organization (board members and executives) to transparently disclose any interests and affiliations that could potentially affect their decisions.

Our committed staff

Katie Luciani

Executive Director

Katie Luciani (she/her) has been the Executive Director since 2019. Prior to assuming her current role, Katie has dedicated herself to supporting the Canadian endometriosis community since 2014, as a volunteer and as a member of the board of directors. Katie began her journey with endometriosis at the age of 11, but only received a diagnosis when she was 27 years old. Katie believes that all people who live with endometriosis deserve to be heard, and most importantly, deserve to live a hopeful, happy and productive life. In her downtime, Katie enjoys spending time with her partner, two children, and pup, hiking, listening to podcasts and re-watching classic tv shows like The Sopranos.

Michelle Avery

Administrative Assistant

Michelle Avery (she/her) is the Administrative Assistant and assists with the behind the scenes administrative work of the organization including coordination of our Virtual Support Groups. As an endo patient herself, Michelle found The Endometriosis Network Canada via a small Facebook group in Nova Scotia and began volunteering with us in 2018. Her endometriosis advocacy also involves sharing her experience with the media, raising awareness, and fundraising. Outside of her work for the endometriosis community, Michelle is a professional photographer, specializing in pet photography. She looks to spend as much time outside in nature as possible, enjoying what the Maritimes has to offer her.

Rosanna Araujo

Communications Coordinator

Rosanna Araujo (she/her) is the Communications Coordinator and assists with content creation and planning for The Endometriosis Network Canada and The Endo Network’s Run To End Endo™ as well as assisting with in-person and virtual event planning and website development. Being first generation Canadian to Ecuadorian parents Rosanna understood from early on the challenges faced by newcomers trying to navigate the complexities of our healthcare system, paving the way for her dedicated allyship to the endo community. She hopes to see improvement in the education system about menstrual health and endometriosis. Rosanna spends her free time running the trails of the Humber River with her husband, chasing their four children.

Sonia Hoole

Project Manager

Sonia Hoole (she/her) is a Project Manager and Education Coordinator, and works on our Health Canada funded project. As an endo ally, Sonia is working with the rest of the team to improve awareness of endometriosis and resources for people living with this disease. Sonia has held several health communication roles over the past 20 years, with experience developing and managing educational programs. Previously, Sonia volunteered to support the delivery of our 2022 patient education day. Sonia enjoys hiking, snowshoeing and skiing with her husband, two children and their beloved dog.

Anne-Marie Seessle

French Translator

Anne-Marie Seessle (she/her/elle) is an endometriosis advocate, passionate about soccer, is in a fan club as a Social Media Manager (Südkurve Toronto), loves spending time with her family & friends, and is a fellow endometriosis patient (stage three). In 2023, she joined the team as French Translator, helping both The Endometriosis Network Canada and The Endo Network’s Run To End Endo™. Anne-Marie is also a Petition Partner for Endo Events.

Anne-Marie was diagnosed with endometriosis almost immediately after getting her first menstrual cycle. Given her young age, she suffered for years before being able to see a proper specialist. After many different medications, three surgeries in four short years, radio frequency ablations on those incisions, infusions for chronic pain management and nerve blocks, Anne-Marie can finally do regular day to day activities, such as volunteer her time.

During this journey, Anne-Marie has come to realize her profound gratitude for having access to essential healthcare and medical benefits. She recognizes that countless individuals endure hardship due to their inability to afford or lack of access to such resources, including the challenges associated with age-related requirements for seeing specialists or OB-GYNs. Perseverance is a big factor in Anne-Marie’s successes and she wishes by continuing to be vocal, educate and bring awareness that future generations of people with endometriosis will have a fighting chance at a normal future.


Endo Ambassadors

Candice Dcosta

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Candice Dcosta (she/her) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador, and hopes to break down barriers to care for underserved people in the endometriosis community.  Her journey of endometriosis began in adulthood and continued when she migrated to Canada, where she was diagnosed shortly thereafter. Candice believes that all people have a right to quality health care, and is especially focused on working with racialized groups and new immigrants with displaced care in a strained health care system. Candice has an educational and professional background in biomedical sciences and is passionate about health activism. She is an avid dog lover and loves spending time in Toronto parks with her husband and little beagle.

Stacy 'Destiny' Savary

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Stacy ‘Destiny’ Savary (she/her) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador and content creator who specializes in healthcare content for black populations. Destiny courageously confronts the challenges of living with stage four endometriosis, a condition she was diagnosed with in 2017. Recently, Destiny received an additional diagnosis of adenomyosis, further fueling her determination to raise awareness and advocate for those facing similar health struggles. Beyond her content creation, Destiny is a speaker, author, and health influencer, proudly referring to herself as a “triple threat”. Her outstanding contributions have earned her recognition, including being named one of Canada’s “100 Women to Watch in Ontario” by CIBWE (Canadian Institute of Black Women in Entrepreneurship) and crowned as Ms. Elite Brampton in 2023.

Kim Harris

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Kim Harris (she/her) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador and avid community volunteer for as long as she can remember. After being diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 50, Kim was shocked and surprised at this news but realized that the pain and discomfort she had as a teen was never properly diagnosed. Kim feels privileged to represent her community of those in menopause with a goal of educating others on some of the devastating impacts endo can have. Kim feels strongly that like so many “hidden” conditions, endo is nothing to shy away from, and far more conversations need to happen! Kim currently lives in Saskatoon as a recent empty nester with her husband Steven and dog Daisy.

Rosie Costen

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Rosie Costen (she/her) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador and graduate student at the University of Calgary. Rosie has 12+ years of lived experience with endometriosis and has spoken about her struggles with seeking a diagnosis in her 2020 TEDxULeth talk. She began seeking proper diagnosis after years of painful periods, when her pain was dismissed and she was advised that future pregnancy would resolve her symptoms. Through self-advocacy, Rosie received her endometriosis diagnosis in December 2020. She is passionate about 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusivity within the endometriosis patient community, as well as expanding knowledge of endometriosis among adolescents and young adults.

Savannah Dasilva

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Savannah Dasilva (she/they) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador, who is an artist driven by a passion for the arts  and commitment to the well-being of others with expressive arts. Beyond her daily work, Savannah is a tireless advocate for education and equitable treatment, particularly for individuals living with type 1 diabetes, endometriosis, and various chronic illnesses. Drawing from her own lived experiences as a neurodiverse disabled artist, Savannah openly shares her journey, shedding light on the complexities of mental health and her recent battle with endometriosis. In her leisure time, Savannah finds joy in a diverse array of activities, from cosplaying  watching anime, to meticulously planning future endeavours.

Skylar Hammond

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Skylar Hammond (they/them) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador. After struggling through years of excruciating menstrual pain, trying many different types of birth control and surgeries, they were diagnosed 2 years ago. Skylar is agender, meaning genderless. As other trans, non-binary, 2SLGBTQIA+ folks with endo, know that trying to find services, treatments and doctors that respect, understand and are willing to help us without disregarding their identity, can be a struggle. Skylar is always working towards the future where all receive equal treatment, no matter their identity. Where endometriosis is not just considered a “women’s disease”; it is an illness that affects many. When not volunteering, they can be found creating art, being a plant parent and knitting/crocheting.

Stephanie Ling

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Stephanie Ling (she/her) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador. After first experiencing symptoms at age 12 and spending years trying to manage ongoing pain, Stephanie was officially diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis and a septate uterus at age 26. As a Chinese Canadian, Stephanie joined the Endo Ambassador Program to raise awareness and support of endometriosis, especially within the Asian community. She would like to thank her parents, brother, partner, and friends for their continued love and support. Stephanie has worked as a writer and content strategist for over six years, and is currently focused on crafting stories of community and empowerment at a female-founded fine jewelry brand.

Tanvi Guhagarkar

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Tanvi Guhagarkar (she/her) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador who hopes to use her position to increase her reach to various communities in northern BC. After frequent episodes of pain and a misdiagnosis, Tanvi was correctly diagnosed with endometriosis, adenomyosis, adhesions of both ovaries, and hypothyroidism. After having to educate herself on her condition, its comorbidities, and treatment options, and engage in some serious self-advocacy, Tanvi decided that no one should have to experience what she experienced. Tanvi currently resides in Prince George, along with her supportive roommates and an adorable dog. She is pursuing a graduate program in Gender Studies, and is also working at the Northern Women’s Centre as an Executive Director.

Christina Muduuli Ikeagwuani

Volunteer Endo Ambassador

Christina Muduuli Ikeagwuani (she/her) is a volunteer Endo Ambassador who seeks to amplify the voices and address the concerns of people with endometriosis from communities that have been disinvested and excluded in Canada. An endo patient herself, Christina began her journey with endometriosis at the age of 14 but like many, wasn’t diagnosed until much later. Christina believes that endometriosis should receive greater attention and national funding in order for patients to live productive lives, starting at the beginning of their journey, and not decades later, as is the case for most people with endo. Christina lives with her husband and extended family in the Outaouais region, where she looks to spend as much time outside in nature as possible.


Support Group Facilitators

Victoria Dorey

Support Group Facilitator

Victoria Dorey (she/her) is a Support Group Facilitator at The Endometriosis Network Canada with eight years of experience providing support to individuals, families and groups going through periods of transition, change and crisis. Through a compassion and trauma-informed lens, she supports folks in finding their own way forward in their healing journey. Her strong advocacy, empathy and determination guides her work in supporting folks through all the seasons of life. Her experience allows her to provide a calm, validating and affirming space to those she works with. She is a passionate believer in community and mutual support. Victoria also has significant experience advocating for and assisting folks in navigating complex community systems.

mackenzie barron

Mackenzie Barron

Support Group Facilitator

Mackenzie Barron (she/her) is a Support Group Facilitator at The Endometriosis Network Canada. As a social worker she is an extension of support to the Endometriosis community aiming to offer safer spaces for conversation and hope. Working from a person-centered lens her focus is to meet individuals where they are and break down barriers to services, making them accessible to all. Her experience working with women, children, youth, families, and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community have led to her continued prioritization of advocacy, equity, and growth. Her vision for the future of Endometriosis is one filled with affirmation, representation, and inclusion. 

navi mann

Navi Mann

Support Group Facilitator

Navi Mann (she/her) is a Support Group Facilitator at The Endometriosis Network Canada, with six years of experience providing support to individuals, families, and communities through system navigation, life transitions and crises. Her connection to endometriosis is deeply personal, as someone with lived experience. By centering a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive approach, she values humility, empathy, and advocacy in supporting folks on their endo journey. Navi believes in the power of collective healing and aims to empower individuals to build a compassionate community dedicated to healing. Through her understanding, experience, and values, she is dedicated to creating a space that is both empowering and validating. Looking ahead, she is hopeful for a future where comprehensive support for endometriosis is universally accessible and equitable.

Attend a virtual support group meeting

The Endo Network Canada hosts bi-monthly support groups for people with endometriosis via Zoom.