Finding a Specialist

Finding a specialist that works with you can be a bit of a journey. To help with this, we have complied a list of Canadian doctors who practice excision surgery. These doctors may vary in their preferred approaches to treating endometriosis, including surgical and non-surgical approaches. Please do your own research to find a doctor who suits your needs. This list is not a complete list of every doctor doing excision surgery in Canada: it is created by a combination of patient and physician referral. If you know of a physician who should be added to this list, please contact us at

It is very important that you find a doctor who works with you and your health goals. If you are unsure of what to ask your doctor, take a look at our list of questions to ask your specialist.


Dr. Liane Belland (Peter Lougheed Centre, Calgary)

Dr. Chandrew Rajakumar (South Health Campus, Calgary)

Dr. Jackie Thurston (South Health Campus, Calgary)

Dr. Terry Unger (Sturgeon Hospital, St. Albert)

Dr. Michael Secter (Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary)

British Columbia

Dr. Catherine Allaire (The Women’s Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Care, Vancouver)

Dr. Christina Williams (The Women’s Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Care, Vancouver)

Dr. Paul Yong (The Women’s Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Care, Vancouver)

Dr. Mohamed Bedaiwy (The Women’s Centre for Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Care, Vancouver)


Dr. Anet Maksymowicz (practices out of Manitoba Clinic but operates out of Victoria General Hospital)


Dr. Ambika Aneja (Scarborough Grace Hospital, Scarborough)

Dr. Yoav Brill (Toronto East General Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Sari Kives (St. Michael’s Hospital. Toronto)

Dr. Jamie Kroft (Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Andre Laroche (Humber River Hopital, Woodbridge)

Dr. Sabrina Lee (North York General Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Nicholas Leyland (Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton)

Dr. Grace Liu (Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Karine Lortie (Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa)

Dr. Maria Melchior (St. Joseph’s Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Ally Murji (Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Romy Nitsch (Kingston General Hospital, Kingston)

Dr. Alice Pham (North York General Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Abheha Satkunaratnam (St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Hassan Shenassa (Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa)

Dr. Sony Singh (Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa)

Dr. Mara Sobel (Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Jonathon Solnik (Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto)

Dr. Herb Wong (Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto)  


Dr. Pira Korsieporn (Lakeshore General Hospital, Montreal)

Dr. Sonja Bodmer-Roy (St. Mary’s Hospital, Montreal)

Dr. Valerie To (Hôpital Sacré-Cœur, Montreal)


Dr. Darrien Rattray (Regina General Hospital, Regina)

Dr. Laura Weins (Saskatoon City Hospital, Saskatoon)

Dr. John Thiel (Regina General Hospital, Regina)

Dr Huse Kamencic (Regina General Hospital, Regina)