Endometriosis is a complex and often debilitating disease affecting more than 176 million women worldwide, and in rare cases men. Although endometriosis is currently incurable, there are effective treatments for the disease. Having an accurate diagnosis and getting treatment from an endometriosis specialist are important steps in attaining relief from endometriosis symptoms.

It is important to become an informed patient. In this day and age technology is changing the face of treatment, and the internet is making health information readily accessible to the average person. It is important that as a health consumer we realize that what was true of yesterday, may not be true of tomorrow. It is also important to understand that just because you read it on the internet, doesn’t necessarily make it true!

So how does a person without a medical degree manage to weed through information, discerning what is valuable and true, from what is not?

1. Continue to read everything available that pertains to endometriosis and related issues. Our website has a wealth of information for you to use as a starting point.

2. Look for patterns in the information, including where the information is coming from, how recently it was written, and whether the information contains any biases.

3. Talk to others with endometriosis, ask them about their experiences, their treatments, what worked and what didn’t. It is important to realize that as individuals, we all react to treatments differently, and what works for one person may not work for another. Talking to people is not only a good support strategy, but it can also make you aware of different treatment options to try.

4. Find the right doctor to help you and provide you with medical information (see Finding a Specialist).