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Katie’s Endometriosis Story

Katie’s Endometriosis Story

Hands up if any of this sounds familiar to you: “Just take some antidepressants” “Nothing a little Advil can’t fix” “Every woman goes through this” “There’s nothing wrong with you–you look fine”... read more
Endometriosis: A Partner’s Perspective

Endometriosis: A Partner’s Perspective

My wife has endometriosis. I have watched it slowly rob her: at first it just took away her assumption that she would feel fine most days like everyone else. Then it started to take away various activities she loved, such as running, hiking and biking. Then it stole... read more
Amanda’s Endometriosis Story: Toronto Endomarch 2016

Amanda’s Endometriosis Story: Toronto Endomarch 2016

For a lot of women with endometriosis, they’ve had to deal with something that I like to the call the three misses – misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and missed moments. I’ve had to deal with these too. My name is Amanda Gullace and I am here to share my story... read more

Endometriosis Awareness in Alberta

It was the biggest day of my life. More impactful than the day I finally gained a diagnosis after more than a decade of going from doctor to doctor (same old story, isn’t it?). When I met Ashley Romanko I had already been organizing the 1st Annual Alberta... read more

Can you really have healthy bones without milk?

When working with patients, especially women, and I suggest they remove dairy from their diet, the first question they always ask is, “then how will I get my calcium”.  Despite the milk ads in the subway or on TV there are numerous ways to get calcium into your diet... read more

Managing Chronic Pain While Traveling

Managing chronic pain day to day can be difficult enough. For those of us who enjoy traveling, it presents its own share of unique and frustrating challenges. Some people suffer with chronic pain so severe that they have to make the difficult decision to avoid... read more

Beneath Contempt: Politicians and Endometriosis Awareness

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Yesterday, I attended an event at Queen’s Park to promote that. It was well attended by people with Endo, but nobody else seemed to care. Invitations to the event were ignored by politicians, who didn’t even bother... read more

Myth Buster: Endometriosis  

Misinformation abounds on the internet. It’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s myth. Deciphering the truth gets even trickier if you’re trying to research which natural healthcare option is best for you. We’re here to bust five common myths about healthcare and... read more